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Boating Storage Tips


 A few tips to consider when putting your boat away for the season.


  • Run the gas tank as low as possible and treat any remaining gas with a stabilizer.
  • The internal engine needs to be protected with a coating of engine fog which is a mixture of oil and beeswax that coats the inner walls of the combustion chamber to prevent corrosion. This product comes in an aerosol can and can be sprayed into the carburetor while the engine is running either to the point of stalling or shut down before it has a chance to burn off. Alternatively it can be sprayed into the spark plug hole of a warm engine and then the engine is cranked slightly to spread it around.
  • On outboards and stern drives the lower end lubricant needs to be changed one because any sediment of gear filings will be removed in the process but mainly to remove the possibility that water penetration could freeze and crack the housing. This is achieved by removing the two screw plugs on the lower housing beside the propeller and allowing the lube to drain then a simple hand pump that you can purchase at your marine supply can be used to refill the chamber. Connect the threaded hose to the lower plug hole and pump slowly until it oozes out the top vent plug hole.
  • To extend your battery life, remove the batteries and store indoors. The charge should be maintained either by keeping them connected to a good smart charger that will cycle off when charged so as not to fry the battery by overcharging.
  • If your boat is on a trailer remove the wheels and put on blocks. Tiers will rot from standing for long periods of time in one position.
  • If you have a larger vessel with inboard engine an end of season oil change is advisable.
  • If you have water separating fuel filters these should also be changed.
  • If your vessel has a water system on board this must be drained and purged by running portable antifreeze through the lines.
  • Onboard engines, heat pump/ air conditioners and generators need to be winterized by fogging and flushing their water cooling systems with antifreeze.
  • Finally don’t forget to remove the drain plug so that if any water gets on board while the boat is on the dry it can run out the bottom and not freeze up and do damage.


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