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Motorcycle Storage Tips


A few tips to consider when putting your bike away for the season.

  • Drain all gas from the tank and the carburetor bowl as well. Old gas can become destabilized, creating tarnish on your pistons when burned and fouling up your fuel injectors. In addition, today’s ethanol gas mixes can absorb water from condensation. The ethanol water mix then becomes heavier than the gas and settles to the bottom of your gas tank. This is a highly corrosive mixture which can damage the tank and the carburetor or fuel injectors as well!
  • Remove the battery and put on a trickle charger.
  • Wash, wax and lubricate.
  • If you can, lift the bike onto blocks to take the weight off of the tires or, alternatively, chalk and rotate the wheels a quarter turn every month.
  • Cover with a breathable dust cover or even an old sheet or dropcloth will do.





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